I am an enthusiastic person who gives more than 100% when doing something. I work with a lot of passion and devotion. I am a curious person always searching for challenges and very eager to learn and get to know different aspects concerning todays' society and in particular underexposed topics.

If I have room in my schedule I like to spend time with my friends or enjoy taking some time for myself to do sports, read the newspaper, watch a documentary and grab a coffee with cake. Furthermore, I love travelling, discovering new cultures and meet new people which inspires me to view things from a different perspective. 

Basic skills



Open minded




Time management

Problem solving

Analytical & Critical thinking



Internship March 2018 – August 2018

​Project Employee (PE) Education August 2018 - Jan. 2019


During my internship at the development-team of Diversion I got the luxury to get to know many different facets of the organisation. Beside spotting new trends and gaining new communication skills, I was involved with developing different projects which could be implemented in the classroom.


As a PE I worked for the MIND Young Academy(MYA). The aim of the MYA is to break through the taboo on psychological health and to identify and prevent complaints at an early stage. The school year of 2018/2019 the program was being expanded and I was responsible for the recruitment of schools and marketing of the school program.
Itwas a great experience to work in such a hybrid, enthusiastic and young team who want to make the world a better place.

Director The Bridge (Tweespraak)

​Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2018

Together with the foundation Video Power in Maastricht and many more amazing other people I made the documentary The Bridge. “Tweespraak” portrays a small city called Zaltbommel  roiled by ethnic tensions. The film starts of with the city’s former mayor explaining why he felt compelled to act firmly. As other characters are introduced, the narrative becomes more diffuse. What starts as simply finding a solution to a problem, ends up touching a fundamental question: how to bridge differences within a community without making anyone an outsider.

Besides the role of director I had to recruit people to work with me, conduct research, prepare interviews, advertise my documentary, create a bond with the Moroccan community and be creative when things were not working out as planned. With a kickstarters project I raised money to hire a cameraman and soundsman to realize my project

Selection Committee DOCFeed 
 Oct. 2019 - present

Being part of the selection committee means that I have to watch part of the submissions for the festival in 2020. Furthermore, it will help me learn more about documentary filmmaking by being part of the programm making process. During the festival itself I will be involved in organizing Q&A's with directors. 

Guide Dutch Film Festival (NFF)
Sept. - Oct. 2019

As a guide at the Dutch Film Festival you are the point of contact for the visitor of the NFF, or for the people who have no idea yet what the festival entails. You need to know everything about the program prior to the festival in order to recommend films to visitors or simply point the way or make them enthusiastic.

Bar/All-round employee Kruisheren Hotel Maastricht

​Apr. 2017 - Dec. 2017

In the prestigious five star hotel Kruisheren in Maastricht I learned about wine and distillery at the bar Rouge & Blanc. Additionally, I learned about teamwork, event management and how to cope with working under pressure. Solution thinking and (professional) social skills are required for this job as you have to deal with a wide variety of guests including famous people.

Tutor Pre-Academic Experience

Febr. 2017 - May 2017

As a tutor I introduced high school students to academic research. Critical thinking was the main goal and at the same time the biggest challenge for these high school students.  

In a two days workshop I taught them the first day how to formulate an accurate research question and how to conduct research. The second day we worked on how to write a paper. I learned to inspire and successfully deal with group dynamics and achieved the required learning goals for the students, which I really enjoyed.



Dutch       (native)

English    (level  C1)

German   (level B1)

Documentary Kickstarter
Creatief met Film - Academy

Aug. 2019 - present

During the course I will develop a valuable network, learn how to make a good film plan, clarify my focus and a strategy for grant applications. I thrilled and highly motivated to commit to becoming a documentary filmmaker and get to know the field. 

University College Maastricht
Bachelor in Liberal Arts&Sciences

​2013 - 2017


During my time at UCM I took a wide variety of courses and I realized that I enjoy an interdisciplinary concentration of Humanities and Social Sciences (SSC) with a focus on Contemporary Security Studies from a Cultural Perspective. I wrote my thesis on the integration of the Moroccan and Turkish third generation. At UCM I developed a way of combining research with reality and learned how to step outside of the bubble and form my own opinion. 


Project: Undergraduated Research: The Documentary 


Beside directing and doing research my main task of the documentary was conducting the interviews. Since the topic is still taboo it was important to make the interviewees feel at ease. The group dynamic was very intense where we worked together for a long time and definitely finished our project all with proud. Creative- and solution thinking was also part of the job and is something I further developed in this time period.

Aarhus University

​Aug. 2015 - Dec. 2015


For my semester abroad I went to Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences. Here I took four courses where I gained some new insights into the business field. Courses as Persuasion and Inter Cultural Communication where very refreshing and showed me how my SSC background can be applied in different fields. 

Beside the studies I was able to get special insight into the Danish culture, where I felt very much at home. Furthermore, I see this semester abroad as an unique experience where I got to know great new people. ​

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