The Bridge / Tweespraak

01 | Dec. 2016 - Feb. 2019

The Bridge (Tweespraak) - Documentary

20 Dutch | 25 mins | Digital Video | Color | Stereo | 25fps

The documentary “Tweespraak” portrays a small city in The Netherlands roiled by ethnic tensions. The film starts of with the city’s former mayor explaining why he felt compelled to act firmly. As other characters are introduced, the narrative becomes more diffuse. What starts as simply finding a solution to a problem, ends up touching a fundamental question: how to bridge differences within a community without making anyone an outsider. 





In order to achieve my goal of making people communicate I made a first version with my editor Frank van Valderen to screen in Zaltbommel. Together with the neighbourhood elders we organized a screening and dialogue to have a conversation about the topic addressed in the documentary with the inhabitants of Zaltbommel. 

The official Première of the Bridge took place by the end of 2019 in Lumière Maastricht including Q&A. 

The Bridge got officially selected for the third edition of the Limburgs Film Festival.  During the festival I had the honour to receive the price for best new filmmaker!

About the screening:

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