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03 Febr. 2016 I 2017

WASP I Undergraduated Research - Project Documentary 

When I came back from my semester abroad I decided to take part in the Project Documentary instead of writing my thesis. I realized that something was still missing in terms of creativity but also how I could better express my insterest beside academic writing .

Together with three other girls I worked for five months on a documentary about Woman and Sexual Pleasure (WASP). During this project my main task was doing research and conducting the interviews. I also gained some basic skills in video editing and we had several workshops.

With this research documentary, our main aim was to raise awareness among society and especially women about the fact that WASP is still considered as something dirty and therefore taboo. By raising awareness on this subject, we want to provide people with a new insight on WASP and hope to inspire women and men to embrace mutual sexual pleasure. 

Sooner than later we figured out that the origin of this taboo starts at the foundation of our society: (high)schools. It means that a change in terms of sexual education is needed in order to break the taboo.

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