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This project came about when I was asked to help with an admission. With some crowdfunding and amazing crew members we made BELEG in a course of three months. 

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. RIGHT? A ‘ready to eat’ conversation about self-reflection and prejudice 

''That really is a hummus-cucumber girl''. Probably someone is popping up in your head right now. But what do we really know about this person?

In BELEG, you are introduced to a foursome of people who are going to prepare their sandwich for you. It's that moment and act in the day that you probably don't think about anymore. Peanut butter is your regular spread or just that thing you take as a 'reward'. The meal where you can be as efficient as possible. Convenient on the go, double-folded, sliced or just with a knife and fork.

But what does your toppings really say about you? With BELEG we look over your shoulder and the reflection on your plate. We engage in conversation with 'spreaders' and question them about their favourite toppings, how and when they prefer to eat them and what that says about them as a person. What do they think about others and their spread? 


Director & Producer : Lienke

Co-director & Camera : Florian Groeneveld

Camera: Nina Miege

Sound: Gertjan Duim

Gaffer: Joep Hegeman

Editor: Romee van der Ven

Sounddesign: Victor Bontje

Grading: Denzong

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