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Floor's Laundromat

de Wasserette van Floor

sept. 2019 I in the making

Floor's Laundromat I de Wasserette van Floor

This short documentary will introduce you to Floors' world where hard work and family are the main characters in her life. Floor is happy because she has everything she needs: " I am healthy and my family is doing a good job, what else do you want? "" But is life that simple?

Floors' Laundromat shows that ordinary life has become unusual.

The documentary will make the viewer reflect on its position in Floors' world. Where and who are you in the laundry room? At the same time we get to know Floor better and better after every washing. The world of Floor seems so ordinary and simple, but is this really the case?

2021 Good news! de Wasserette van Floor received a first funding from Amarte Fonds.

2020 de Wasserette van Floor was part of Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB Aftermovie). 

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