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How to be Still
de Wasserette van Floor

Dec. 2019 I May 2023

How to be Still I de Wasserette van Floor
28 mins | Digital Video | Color | Stereo | 25fps

2022 Nederlands Filmfonds - Cypher Cinema 

2022 VEVAM 

2021 funding from Amarte Fonds.

2020 Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB). 

Director: Lienke Roos

Camera: Sam Broekman

Sound Design: Victor Bontje

Editing: Lienke Roos & Loes Janssen

Colour Grading: Jelle Helwig

Coaching: Loes Janssen & Nathalie Crum

How to be Still is a poetic and meditative short documentary that offers a unique glimpse into the everyday life of Floor in the laundromat. Through observational scenes, the film captures the convergence of people, machines, and space continuously questioning the inside and outside of reality.


The film invites audiences to reflect on the human condition and our innate desire for serenity in a world filled with noise and chaos. The film captures the subtleties and nuances of everyday moments, revealing the hidden beauty and poetry within. But what is it we see? Is there a divine presence, gracefully orchestrating the chaos around? Or is Floor a mere dupe, caught in the relentless cycles of everyday life? The film prompts viewers to contemplate these contrasting interpretations, challenging them to question their own perceptions of the mundane.

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