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How to be Still
de Wasserette van Floor

Sept. 2019 I May 2023

How to be Still I de Wasserette van Floor

2022 Nederlands Filmfonds - Cypher Cinema 

2021 funding from Amarte Fonds.

2020 Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB). 

In this short documentary we enter the world of Floor. As soon as we enter her world by stepping inside the laundromat we are coming into  movement of transit where space and time cross. It is an exploration of a restless movement where the inside and outside, inclusion and exclusion and disturbance and direction are continuously questioned. 

With this film I would like to question our existence which is marked by ‘living on the borderlines of the ‘present’. How do we experience the present and how will this shape the future? What images do we have of the past? How to be Still is a deeply personal film that reflects my road of finding stillness in a sometimes seemingly chaotic world. By entering the laundromat I embarked on a transformative journey by immersing myself in the everyday life of Floor, who unknowingly became my silent teacher. In her unspoken language, I found a profound understanding of the struggles and triumphs we all face, regardless of our circumstances.The laundromat became for me a microcosm of society and at the same time a window, where people pass by continuously, each with their own stories. I observed how many were unable to truly see one another, consumed by the fast-paced nature of modern life. It made me wonder what Floor sees when she looks outside. Floors’ quiet strength and unwavering presence held invaluable lessons which seem to me as a continuous battle of ‘the divine’ and ‘the dupe’. 

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