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Moms' Armor

January 2020 I in progress

Moms' Armor I Mamas Harnas

It is a special thing: a mother daughter relationship. Every one's unique of its own. Our relationship goes with many ups and downs where we know that we love each other unconditionally. It is what family stands for.

This short film shows how the relationship changes when you grow up. It goes beyond being a mother and child. You get to see each other in different ways. Instead of asking your mother for help, you start helping each other. Learn from one another, you push each other away and slowly get back togeter.

You get to see an actual person with their flaws, emotional outbursts and moments in despair. You start to see her without her strong armor.

This short film will show an artwork my mother made of which she does not seem to realize yet how much she is the dragon in a fragile armor. 

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