My interest for documentary film making started when I was in 2015 in Aarhus (DK) for my semester abroad and the refugee crisis started.

It seemed as if people suddenly realized what was going on when the image of Alan Kurdi's small body, lifeless on the beach with his red shirt, went viral. Suddenly the crisis was personalized and people were touched by the story of the family. The world started to take action. It shows that an image with a story can touch people in such a way that they will start taking action. This is what I want to achieve with making documentaries make people see from a different perspective and move.

While making the first documentary WASP, I was struck how people opened up in front of the camera and really seemed to be wanting to share their story. To share your emotions and feelings on a topic like sexual pleasure takes courage since it makes you fragile, but o so strong! It was amazing to see how it inspired and taught others including myself. In motivated me to continue working on documentary film making and makeThe Bridge

I think that in todays’ society, and not only in the Netherlands, the gap between people should and can be closed. The Bridge showed me that communicating with each other is more important than ever. This also inspired me to step into the world of Floor and her white sheets which is the documentary I am currently working on.

Floors' Laundromat/

De Wasserette van Floor


The Bridge /



Women & Sexual Pleasure