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01 | Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2019

01 | The Bridge (Tweespraak) - Documentary

I started thinking about making a documentary when I was in Aarhus (DK) for my semester abroad and the refugee crisis started. It seemed as if people suddenly realized what was going on when the image of Alan Kurdi's small body, lifeless on the beach with his red shirt, went viral. Suddenly the crisis was personalized and people were touched by the story of the family. The world started to take action. It shows that an image with a story can touch people in such a way that they will start taking action. This is why I decided to use images. 

While making the first documentary (WASP) I was struck how people opened up in front of the camera and really seemed to be wanting to share their story. It was beautiful to see these people sharing their feelings and emotions and how it affected and inspired others. This is what I hope to achieve again with the documentary ''Tweespraak''. I think that in todays’ society, and not only in the Netherlands, the gap between people should be closed. Communicating with each other is more important than ever.


To do so I organized an evening in collaboration with several other local institutions where people could come together and discuss the documentary. Read here how this evening turned out!

 02 | Okt. 2014 - July 2015

02 | Top Sport Rowing & Coaching

During my second year of studies I was selected for the rowing team of Maastricht University. Beside my studies together with eight other girls we trained on average 7 times a week and travelled through the country to participate in national competitions. With the rowing I have gained a very strong skill in time management, team work, self-dedication and dream and fight for a higher shared goal

When I came back from my semester abroad I was asked to help out coaching the LightWeightWomen which gave me a whole new insight into rowing. Beside being a coach facilitating the trainings, you are also a mental coach where you can let your rowers go that extra mile even though they think that they are not able to do so. 

However, the most important thing i have experienced during my rowing and coaching year is that working in a team is something no one can teach you. You will get to know each other in such an intense way where you go through an emotional rollercoaster. This is what I value the most, getting to know those girls and work for a shared goal!

03 | Febr. 2016 - June 2017

03 | Undergraduated Research : Project Documentary 

When I came back from my semester abroad I decided to take part in the project instead of writing my thesis. I realized that something was still missing in terms of creativity but also how I could better express myself next to paper writing .

During this project together with three other girls we worked for five months where we made a documentary about Woman and Sexual Pleasure (WASP). During this project my main task was doing research and conducting the interviews. I also gained some basic skills in video editing and we had several workshop of which one was about stop-motion which we included in our documentary.

With this research documentary, our main aim was to raise awareness among society and especially women about the fact that WASP is still considered as something dirty and therefore taboo in society. By raising awareness of this subject, we wanted to provide people with a new insight on WASP and hope to inspire women and men to embrace mutual sexual pleasure. 

Sooner than later we figured out that the origin of this taboo starts at the foundation of our society: (high)schools. It means that a change in terms of sexual education is needed in order to break the taboo.


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